Anniversary gala concert «Benois de la Danse-30 years» was held at the Bolshoi Theatre

A gala concert with the participation of ballet stars in honor of the 30th anniversary of the international ballet prize “Benois de la Danse” took place on Tuesday on the Historical stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. The auditorium was sold out.

The evening began with a demonstration of a video about the history of Benois de la Danse. The audience applauded the appearance on the screen of Galina Ulanova, Marina Semenova, Yvette Chauvire, Maurice Bejart and other artists of Russian and world ballet. Dance episodes with their participation were replaced by documentary filming of the award ceremonies of previous years.

The gala concert was attended by artists of the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky Theaters, the Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre and the Yekaterinburg Ural Opera Ballet Theatre, students of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography were also involved. The Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra was conducted by Anton Grishanin.


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Benois de la Danse — 30 years! Gala-concert of the Stars

On June 7th the Historic Stage of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre will host the Ballet Stars Gala Concert, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Prix Benois de la Danse, with those taking part stars from Russia's leading theatres, such as the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet and Ural Opera Ballet. The programme includes performances in an abundance of styles inspired by various trends in the art of dance. The concert will be held with the participation of the ballet dancers of the Bolshoi Theater, students of The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, accompanied by the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, conducted by Anton Grishanin.


Ivan Vasiliev to Yuri Grigorovich

“Working with such a genius as Yuri Nikolaevich Grigorovich is always a responsibility and honor, and our task, as artists, is to preserve the traditions and nuances of his amazing performances”.
Ivan Vasiliev
Full version of the film on YouTube Benois de la Danse


Jiri Kilian to Yuri Grigorovich

“In your long life, you have experienced more dramatic situations than anyone before or after you. You have opened the doors between East and West. May the thought of this bring you joy in the later days of your life.”
Yuri Grigorovich
Full version of the film on YouTube Benois de la Danse


John Neumeier to Yuri Grigorovich

“On this very special birthday of yours, I would like to thank you for the inspiration you gave us through your love and admiration for the traditions of classical ballet. You have taken this art to a new modern level, which made us all think about our work. I wish you so that this day was beautiful, and that there were many, many more beautiful days."
John Neumeier
Full version of the film on YouTube Benois de la Danse


Yuri Grigorovich is 95! Congratulations!

Yuri Grigorovich, the ballet legend, the founder of Benois de la Danse, its Chairman and President of the Jury turns 95 today.

The Benois team is sending to dear Maestro our heartfelt congratulations and wishing him good health! We are happy to be your contemporaries and see your ballets!

We invite you to watch the special issue “Living Legends” for the 95th anniversary of Yuri Grigorovich on the official channel YouTube. The film contains congratulations from John Neumeier, Jiri Kilian, Ivan Vasiliev, Julio Bocca and others.

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