Émilie Cozette

Emilie Cozette was born in†1981†and began to†study dancing in†Rouen.

In 1993 she enters Paris Opera Ballet school and takes part in†Western Symphony et†La†Somnambule by†George Balanchine, Dessins pour six byJohnTaras, Su/feKylian by†Jirf Kylian.

Upon graduation in†1998†she joins the company and in†2001†she becomes the soloist. She dances in†many ballets both from classical and modern repertoire: La†Bayadere, Le†Lac des cygnes,Cinderella (Rudolf Noureev), Concerto Barocco (George Balanchine), IXe Symphonie et†Le†Concours (Maurice Bejart), Coppelia, Sylvia et†Le†Songe d'une nuit d'ete (John Neumeier), Clavigo et†Notre-Dame de†Paris (Roland Petit), The Cage et†The Concert by†Jerome Robbins.

She was chosen by†Jean-Guillaume Bart for dancing in†A†la†maniere de†ballet staged for “Danseurs-Choregraphes” Gala in†the theatre lAmphitheatre Bastille and in†pas de†deux from La†Fille mal gardee which they performed together (1999).

Having become the Soloist she performs many parties in†ballets by†Rudolf Noureev: la†variation de†la†sixiemefee, la'fee Lilas'in Sleeping Beauty, Clemence in†Raymonda, the first variation in†La†Bayadere, Don Quichotte, the Swan Lake, Rubis/Joyaux by†George Balanchine, Giselle (classical version).

She dances in†the ballets by†William Forsythe {The Vertiginious Thrill of†Exactitude, Pas./parts), Jerome Robbins (Afternoon of†a†faun, Glass Pieces). On†December 23,2004 upon the annual competition at†Ballet de†√őūł„ŗ Emilie Cozette becomes “Premiere danseuse”. Today her repertoire includes: one of†two Sisters (Ciderella), Rosaline (Romeo et†Juliette), Odette/Odile (The Swan Lake), the 3rd variation and Gamzatti {La Bayadere by†Rudolf Noureev), the parties in†Suite en†Blanc and Les Mirages by†Serge Lifar, Myrtha in†Giselle, AndreAuria by†Edouard Lock and Calliope in†Apollon by†George Balanchine.

Together with the company she has danced in†Manchester, Vein, Milan, San-Francisco, Baalbeck, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai. Emilie Cozette won the first prize at†Paris International Ballet Competition (Junior group) in†1998, Annual Carpeaux Prize in†2001†.In 2002 she is†awarded by†the Association of†the Paris Opera Friends the Prize “Prix du†public”.

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