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Dancers Awards, : 1999, 2001, 2004 ( ⠫, ), 2002( ), 2003( ⠫ ). 1999 “Best PNLook” 蠫Colour 18 Girls , Marie Claire Magazine, 2002 Eve.

Born inShanghai, Faye started dancing atthe age offour. She was recruited bythe Shanghai Junior Academy ofArts and atten, she joined the Shanghai Ballet School.

In 1995, Faye won aspecial award and First Prize inthe Shanghai International Ballet Competition (Teenage Group). She represented Mainland China onher visits toNorth Korea and US.Faye joined the Hong Kong Ballet in1996and in2001was promoted toPrincipal Dancer. In2004, Faye was invited toperform atthe Shanghai International Ballet Competition, and was chosen torepresent the Hong Kong Ballet atthe International Ballet Festival ofMiami. Awards “Best PNLook” and Colour 18 Girls inthe Best Model Competition organized byMarie Claire Magazine (1999); Friends ofHong Kong Ballet Dancers Awards 1999 (for the Most Outstanding Roles: Arabian Pas deDeux inThe Nutcracker) and Most Favorite Female Dancer amongst the Coryphees & Corps deBallet (1999); Friends ofHong Kong Ballet Dancers Awards 2001 (for the best Performance inPrincipal Role); Friends ofHong Kong Ballet Dancers Awards 2002 (Favourite Principal, Female); Friends ofHong Kong Ballet Dancers Awards 2003.